Alfonso Bravo lleva desde 1994 dedicado a la fotografía. En su trayectoria ha colaborado con revistas nacionales e internacionales de la talla de L´Officiel, Vogue Corea, Vanity Fair, Vogue SposaBella, Madame Figaro, Schön!, Rob Repport, AD, Yo dona, MujerHoy, XLSemanal, Xion y Stealer. Su trabajo se ha contemplado en ciudades como Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Santander, Zaragoza, Granada, Londres, París, Estambul, Caracas, Ciudad de México, Montevideo, La Habana, Miami y Nueva York. En el año 2012 recibe el Premio Nacional de Fotografía en la categoría de Moda y Belleza LUX de PLATA organizado por AFPE (Asociación de fotógrafos Profesionales de España).


Mención Hasselblad - Alfonso Bravo
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Mención Hasselblad

Alfonso Bravo is one of the most popular Canarian photographers. He has worked with international magazines, such as L’Officiel, Vogue or Vanity Fair, and also made campaigns for clients such as Suzuki, Appletiser, Cara Cruz Argentina, Avianca or Peroni Italy.

“This adventure is about rediscovering the 7 islands I have been photographing for so many years, seeing them from a new perspective”.

His awards and achievements are, amongst others, National Photography Prize (Fashion), LUX Beauty Silver Award 2012 and First Prize of Photography TFM 2012. In 2013 he was referred by Hasselblad Bulletin for his work “Black over Black”. THE JOURNEY DIARY “In “Daylights” project, developed in May for Canary Islands Tourism Board, I made a series of photographs for the journey diary”. It showed in real time the “search for sunrises from out of this world” in a visually poetic way.

Using a Hasselblad H4D, “I tried to capture the grandiose scenery of the seven Canary Islands. A game of color shades and nature that capture the essence of the archipelago”.


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